Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum

While in Washington D.C, I went to visit the National Air and Space Museum, which is one biggest in the aviation world. If you are an aviation fan, you will feel like you are in heaven. If you are not an aviation fan, you will probably enjoy it as well. I’m not an aviation expert, but I was amazed by the wonders that they have there.

On display are military planes, and civil planes as well. You will find World War II airplanes like the Enola Gay, which dropped the nuclear bomb in Japan. Furthermore, there are plenty of Nazi and Russian planes. They also have the space shuttle Discovery. On the civil side, they have an Air France Concord, and a Boeing 707. There are many more aircraft that I didn’t even know existed. Also, you can go to an old control tower, and you can see 40 miles in any direction while there. If you want to feel what is like to be a pilot, you can try one of the simulators. This is a place that you must visit, about 15 minutes from D.C., in Virginia.

Here are some pictures:



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