Washington D.C.

Last Labor Day Weekend, I headed to the ‌Capital City of the United States, Washington D.C. Washington will be the perfect place if you want to see monuments and museums for free. This post will be more about the monuments.

Our first stop was the White House. The house looked smaller than what I was expecting. Then we walked to the obelisk or the monument to George Washington. The monument is impotent; you will be able to see it from far away. Then we walked to the World War II Memorial, which is one of the newest memorials in Washington. Then we went to one of the most visited memorials in the whole capital, the Abraham Lincoln Memorial; the place was crowded. It is an emblematic place that honors one of America’s greatest presidents. After visiting the Lincoln Memorial, we went to the Korean War Memorial. To be honest, the Korean War Memorial in Washington is more beautiful than the one in New York City. Then we proceed to the newest memorial in the whole D.C area, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. memorial. The Dr. King memorial might not be big as other memorials, but it means a lot for people like me who come from a minority ethnicity. After the Dr. King memorial, I went to Franklyn Roosevelt’s. The last monument that I visited was Thomas Jefferson’s. For me, it was one of the most beautiful. When you go to Washington to see the memorial, be prepared to walk a lot; the monuments are far from each other. I’m planning to go back to see all of the museums.


Here are some pictures

The White House
Washington Manument
Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument View from Lincoln Memorial
Korean War Veterans Memorial
Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. Memorial
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Memorial
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Thoma Jefferson Memorial
Washington Memorial View from Thomas Jefferson Memorial
United States Capitol

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