Hickory State Park

This park is about two and half hours from New York City.  It is over 15,000 acres and has a picnic area, a lake for swimming, and plenty of trails.  The main purpose of my trip was to hike one of the trails and to visit the boulder field, Hawk Falls.  Make sure that you eat before you get there; there aren’t many places to eat around.



Boulder field

It was the first time for us to see such a vast field of bedrock. It looks like a small rocky ocean; there is a trail that goes there from the highway, but you can park next to the field if you do not feel like hiking. It is a place to visit if you live in the tristate area.

This literature is in a brochure: “This is a landscape frozen on time, a relict of the last ice age, when the saber-toothed cats roamed the earth and the cold climate transformed the surrounding area. Boulder Field is remarkable for impressive size, how flat it is and being the largest of its kind in the Appalachians. It covers more than 16 acres, measures about 400 feet by 1800 feet and is 10-12 deep in some places. The boulders are an average of four feet wide, but some approach 25 feet long.”


Hawk Falls

The falls are about half a mile from the parking spot on the highway. The trail to the falls is a moderate level for people of all hiking skills. The falls comprise two-drop falls. Anybody is allowed to swim if they feel like it. There is nobody to stop you from doing it, unlike other places. The only thing that I did not like was that people were littering. If you go to a place like this, please take your trash with you.



Here are some pictures:




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