Plotter Kill


I decided to drive for two and a half hours to see this beautiful waterfall that I had found on Google. The drive was not bad at all. It took a little more than two hours to get to the place. I decided to hike up the Red Trail from the Coplon Road entrance. The entrance was beautiful; a lot of yellow flowers were on show.

There are plenty of different types of mushrooms along the trail, and also a significant population of chipmunks. Close to the waterfall, there are many newts. I can honestly say that the newts impressed me a lot; I was born and raised in the Caribbean, so I used to see many lizards, but never an orange one. The trail is a medium level of difficulty. Make sure that you take a lot of water or something to hydrate you; it could be tiring. There was something that disappointed me; the waterfall was dry. I know that we are having a hot summer in the eastern part of the USA, but I was not expecting to find a dry waterfall. I drove over two hours just to see a dry waterfall. After all, it was a good 5.5-mile hike. I have promised that I will go back in the spring to show you the waterfall.


Here are some pictures.


The trail





this was supposed to be the waterfall

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