Dingmans Falls

I am continuing with my summer weekend adventure.  This time, I head to Dingmans Falls, at Dingmans Visitors Center in Pennsylvania.  It is always pleasant to drive to the Poconos Mountains along Highway 15 North. Unlike major freeways, Highway 15 North gives you the opportunity to go through little towns – small towns that you’d never image are 30 minutes’ drive from the super-populated northern New Jersey area.

On this trip, one of the things that impressed me the most was when I had to pay the toll at Dingmans Bridge.  The toll money was collected by an old man who was standing by a stop, singing. There was no toll booth or easy pass; there was only the old man with a handful of change.

Not far from that bridge was my first stop of the day, Dingmans Falls.  It is only a half-mile hike.  The trail is wheelchair-friendly.  At the end of the trail, there is a gorgeous waterfall.  You could spend hours looking at it.  This is nature at its most beautiful  The trail has steps going to the top of the falls, so my friend and I went there.  We also walked through the wooded area.  I advise you to go there with your children and enjoy the natural beauty.


Here are some pictures!


Silverthread Falls


Dingmans Falls


Dingmans Falls


My Friend


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