Kaaterskill Falls

The summer continues and with it the adventures. This time, I headed to the Catskills in New York State. The destination: Kaaterskill Falls. It is a beautiful two-stage waterfall, but unlike the pictures from the internet, it does not have much water. If you have been there before, you won’t believe the story that I’m about to tell you.

I went there with two of my friends to hike to the falls. On our way there, we saw a lot of people parking on the highway, but we followed the GPS instructions. We got to an improvised parking lot in which we left the car. The trail was beyond easy, but it only took us to a platform where we could see the falls from far away. I told my friends that I hadn’t driven almost two hours to see the falls from so far away. We decided to go down the mountainside, which did not have any trails. The hike changed from super easy to hard. After sliding down and get dirty, we got to the river and then to the falls. The struggle to get there was worth it; the falls are gorgeous. We admired the natural beauty for at least an hour and a half.

On our way back, we found out where the official entrance to the falls was. It was on the highway, and that was the reason why many people were parking on the roadside. The car was four miles from the entrance. So we walked the four miles back on the highway. It was a tiring and fun Saturday.


Here are some pictures!

The easy trail


View from the platform






walking back to the car


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