Raymondskill Falls.

I promised myself that I would try to enjoy the summer as much as I could. Enjoying summer, to me, is not drinking beers at a backyard BBQ (I barely drink alcohol). Enjoying summer, for me, is going to as many places as possible. So, I did a little bit of research on the internet, and I found plenty of places where I could go within of 2 hours of driving. The first place that I found was Raymondskill Falls in Milford, Pennsylvania. It is right on the New Jersey border.

I drove there was on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The scenery on the highway was amazing. The mountain view was simply gorgeous. It took only an hour and twenties minutes to get to the falls. The place does not have many parking spots, but there were not many people there. I looked at the map, and the trail did not look long.

The top of the waterfalls was not far from where I started hiking. I touched the water with my hands, and the water was super cold. I continue to hike to the bottom of the falls, and the view and the sound were priceless. I spent a while there, taking pictures and admiring the natural beauty. Then I continued to hike to finish the trail. The hike was a little too difficult to call easy, but it is not a hard or expect-level hike. The whole hike was about 1:30 or less.

Here are some pictures.


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