Copa America is in Town

CONMEBOL (The South American Football Confederation) is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a tournament in the USA. Copa America is the oldest football competition among nations. It is the first time that it is played outside of South America. One match of the quarter finals was played in a venue close to my house, MetLife Stadium.

The game was Colombia against Peru. The atmosphere at the stadium was fantastic. Before the match started, there were a lot of people barbecuing and partying in the parking lot. During the game, you will not believe that you were in the United States; it looked like Any Stadium in Colombia or Peru. I have to say that I have Colombian and Peruvian friends; however, I was supporting Colombia. I went to the game with my Colombian friends. At the end, penalties were shot to decide the winner, and Colombia won.

By the way, many people cannot believe that I follow football just because the country that I come from has not a football tradition.


Here are some pictures from the match.


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