Memorial Day Tradition

For the last five five years, I have been going camping with my friends to Spruce Run Recreation Area. This year was special for a couple of reasons: we got a lake view camping lot for the first time, and the weather was perfect. The temperature was around 91 degrees Fahrenheit (about 33 degrees Celsius), unlike the previous year when we were barbequing with our jackets on.

Thanks to the perfectness of the weather, we took advantage of the outdoor activities, kayaking and biking. I honestly have to say that I am not in the best shape; I got super tired riding a bicycle. Thanks to the two cooks, my friends Tomas and José, the food was beyond delicious.

In my case, going camping gave me the opportunity to appreciate the little things that life give us, and we do not take enough time to enjoy. When was the last time you looked at the sunset or watched the majesty of the moon? Sometimes the fast pace of major cities prevents us from seeing the simple and beautiful things of life.


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