The Key of Life


I had bought, during my trip to Egypt, a couple of souvenirs, one of which was “The Key of Life.” I’m sure that many of you know about it better than I do, but for those who don’t, I will explain it a little.

“The Key of Life” is one of the most meaningful symbols of ancient Egypt. It is also called “The Key of the Nile.” The lower part symbolizes the  Nile River. The right section represents the two branches of the Nile: Rashid and Domitta. Meanwhile, the upper part refers to Delta (lower Egypt). Therefore, “The Key of Life” is the main source of blessing and prosperity for the whole of Egypt. The design of the key was inspired by the necklace of King Tut. It also includes the lotus flower, which is a symbol of happiness and love. Also, it has the scarab, which gives good luck and long life. Finally, it features the wings of Amon Ra, the Egyptian god of the sun and symbol of protection.

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