Cacun, Mexico: ZIp-Lines, ATV, Cenote


One of the activities that I wanted to do during my stay in Cancun was zip-line. I went downtown, and I bought a tour from the same drunk man from whom I bought the tour to Chichen Itza. They picked me up around noon. (I have to say the transportation did not look as comfortable as the one I had when I went to Chichen Itza). After an hour, we got to a secluded place in Yucatan jungle. We were divided into different groups; some did the ATV first, and I went to the zip-lining with my causing.  The zip-lining did not look scary at the beginning, but after you had been on the tree, it looked scary. One of the most exciting stages of the lining was when we ride outside down the people who work there called it Mayan sacrificed. After the zip-lining, we did the ATV. At first, they took us on a dusty road, and then we drove through the jungle.  Through the jungle, the road was narrow; only the motorcycle could pass.   The last thing was the cenote. We gathered where we first came, and we went all together to the cenote. After all the adrenaline from the zip-lining and the dust from the ATV ride, the cenote’s water was perfect. We jumped from trees into the cenote and walked on top of ropes. After an hour, they gave us a snack and took us back to the hotels. It was a fantastic experience!


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