My short visit to Saint Augustine, FL

My short visit to Saint Augustine, FL.
I have always been intrigued by culture. Also, I’m tired of going to Disney’s every time that I go to Central Florida. So, I decided that after dropping my family off at the Magic Kingdom, I was going to drive the two in a half hours to the former Spanish colony of San Agustin, now known as Saint Augustine.

I got down there around noon. It was a typical Florida summer day, temperature around 95 Fahrenheit. I started walking around to see this old town could offer. My first stop was at the entrance of El Castillo de San Marcos to take a picture of a group of people that asked me for the favor. Finally, I went into the castle after I pay a small fare. The castle is an old fort strategically located on the bay. It’s a gorgeous structure, similar to the One in El Viejo San Juan, PR. After taking some pictures of the fort, I start to walk downtown. It surprises me how similar this town is to the city that I was born in the Caribbean, Santiago de los Caballeros. Another thing that surprises me was the amount of churches that this small town.

I do not want to make this story long, but before finish here tow suggestions:

If you go to Central Florida, there are more things to see that the amusement parks. Also, try to go to places that might not be popular as others, but you will enjoy it.


Here are some of the pictures.



Entrance to the castle



catholic church

catholic church





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